Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Corrections (LASIK) is an eye surgery technology, which can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In the LASIK procedure, an eye surgeon uses a precise laser to reshape the cornea, changing its focusing power.

LASIK surgery has helped many people to be able to see clearly without glasses or contacts. If you are considering LASIK surgery, it is important to educate yourself on potential and benefits.  Dr. Blair Optometrists co-manages LASIK surgery’s at The Laser Center ( and provides all pre and post surgical services.

 Dr. Robin S. Blair has extensive experience in pre-operative and post-operative LASIK surgical care. Dr. Blair provides an accurate and impartial pre-LASIK screening and reviews the potential benefits and risks of eye surgery to help you determine whether LASIK is right for you.

Should you decide to move forward with the surgery, Dr. Blair works closely with TLC to achieve accurate results.  All post-surgery follow-up care is provided at our  office.

For more information on LASIK, contact us or visit The Laser Center (

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